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Spring Grove Fringe

The Spring Grove Fringe now has its own website:

The Spring Grove Fringe is a thriving drama group which has enthralled local audiences over the last 35 years with more than 80 productions.

The repertoire has ranged from the annual pantomime every February, through Victorian melodrama evenings (complete with supper), Isherwood's Cabaret to Shakespeare, Chaucer and a production of "The Farnsworth Avenue Housing Estate's Townswomen Guild's production of Macbeth".

The acting talent is mostly homegrown from the SGRA area and actors range in age from 3 to 80+. The Spring Grove Fringe is very supportive of the local community; profits are generally ploughed back either into the community or into local charities.

Spring Grove Fringe Productions

Year Play
2023 Present Laughter
2023 Camelot the Panto
2022 Murder most Foul
2022 Best of our Musicals
2022 Outside Edge
2021 Out!
2021 Falstaff
2020 Jack and the Beanstalk
2019 Matchbox Theatre
2019 Spring Grove Fringe's got Talent?
2019 Lady Windermere's Fan
2019 Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood
2018 A Bunch of Amateurs
2018 The Great American Dream
2018 The Ghost Train
2018 Zorro!
2017 The Fashion Statement
2017 Snow White
2016 High Notes
2016 A Question of Musicals
2016 Ali Baba
2015 The Beaux Strategem - Lust and Looting in Lichfield
2015 Last Tango in Little Grimley & Lost Souls
2015 Cabaret
2015 Dick Whittington
2014 Oh What a Lovely War
2014 My Night at the Celtic Fringe
2014 Canterbury Tales
2014 Sleeping Beauty
2013 The Eagle Edge & Easy Stages
2013 A Night at the Musicals
2013 A Midsummer Night's Dream
2013 Nono'ya messing about
2012 Oysters and Oedocles
2012 Royal Jubilee Command Performance
2012 The Haunted Through Lounge
2012 Jason and the Argonauts
2011 Eat, Drink and be Merry
2011 Jack and the Beanstalk
2010 Comedy Supper Evening
2010 Cinderella
2009 These Sceptred Isles
2009 Three of a Kind (one act plays)
2009 The Sound of Musicals
2009 1001 Arabian Nights and a matinee
2008 An Evening in the Trenches
2008 Chase Me Up Farndale Avenue s'il vous plait
2008 Last Tango in Whitby
2008 Queen Martha
2007 Comfort and Joy
2007 If you remember the 1960s ..
2007 The Three Musketeers
2006 Error of Comedies
2006 Wizard of Oz
2005 An Evening with Cole Porter
2005 Treasure Island
2004 An evening of Roald Dahl stories
2004 Oklahoma
2004 Alice through the Looking Glass
2003 FAHETG Christmas Carol
2003 Bazaar & Rummage
2003 Frankenstein
2002 Farnsworth Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen's Guild Production of Macbeth
2002 Cherry Sisters & Tragedy at Upper Wallop
2002 Ali Baba and the Cave of Doom
2001 Maria Martin
2001 The Entertaining Matter of Life and Death
2001 Peter Pan
2000 Womberang
2000 Sinbad
1999 End of the Century Show
1999 Musical Chairs
1999 3 x 1 Act Plays
1999 Noel Coward
1999 Sleeping Beauty
1998 Shall we Join the Ladies?
1998 Cabaret
1998 Cinderella
1997 Christmas Carol
1997 Music Hall
1997 Aladdin
1996 Mother Figure/Drinking Companions
1996 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
1996 Snow White
1995 Gosforth's Fete
1995 Robin Hood & the Babes in the Wood
1994 Toad of Toad Hall
1992 Goldilocks
1991 Dick Whittington
1990 Sinbad
1988 Cinderella
1987 Victorian Melodrama
1987 Aladdin

Some old photos, slideshows and reviews of the productions:


Macbeth poster

Alice and the two queens

Wizard of Oz

Sixties Revue

Three Musketeers