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Cole Porter - Spring Grove Fringe, October 2005

Your reviewer had the privilege of being included in the small and specially selected audience for this highly respected fringe theatre group's review of Cole Porter's life and works on Saturday evening. What a splendid production expertly directed by the renowned local impressario, Amanda Shaw! The narrator, Richard Need, masterfully managed to coordinate this lively and temperamental troupe who had clearly been fortified by something stronger that the usual refreshments. It was an evening of stellar performances by glittering stars topped by some amazing dance choreography which almost managed to keep up with the music and lyrics. The finale, Anything Goes (of course), definitely lived up to its name and the cast reluctantly had to leave the audience crying for more (should that be less?).

The musical arrangements were sensational and complimented the sophisticated stage set. There were too many seminal performances to review individually (we must move leave a few column inches for our review of The Producers). The fabulous Jenny Robson, star of many Fringe musicals, treated us to a very convincing portrayal of the local hooker and we were left guessing the identity of the Spring Grove Daddy by Lyn Charlton. If anyone knows the answer please could they let me know urgently. The young talented newcomer Adrian Treloar had the female audience swooning whilst the not quite so young but equally talented Allan Lloyd reduced several of the audience to tears with his beautiful ballads and idiosyncratic dancing. Gorgeous Daisy left no one in any doubt about her affection for cocaine but we were more surprised to learn of Ross Jones' affection for Dame Judi. The only surprise and slight disappointment of the evening for those of us very familiar with the work of this group was how few words the legendary Roger Chown forgot.

Your reviewer regrets that more of London is not able to appreciate this incredibly talented show which really should run and run (somewhere).

We can't wait for the next one.

Sandy Gavshon